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Periodontology is a branch of dentistry that treats periodontal diseases affecting the gums, alveolar bone, periodontium and cementum. Periodontal diseases are almost as common as dental caries. Therefore, the treatment and prevention adequate to the severity of the disease are not to be overestimated. The dentist will examine the condition of periodontal health and advise on appropriate treatment.

We offer comprehensive treatment encompassing the ultrasonic removal of tartar, curettage, alveolar process augmentation, splinting of wobbly teeth and gum transplants.

In our clinic, the dentist performs the following procedures in terms of the following:

  • bone regeneration,

  • covering gingival recessions,

  • deepening of the atrium,

  • gingivevectomy/genioplasty, gingiwoosteoplasty,

  • Lip and tongue frenulum plastics,

  • crown lengthening for prosthetic treatment,

  • removal of mucosal nodules, taking fragments for histopathological examination.