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Treatment of children/Paedodontics

Dental care for children and youth does not only involve treatment but is primarily focused on the prevention of dental problems that may arise at each developmental stage of a young individual’s (chewing) organ. Every single child should receive permanent dental care even if there are apparently no reasons for it. Regular dental appointments should begin at a relatively early stage. The first appointment should be held when a child is about one year old since this is the moment when the first teeth begin to erupt. Apart from assessing the correct growth of the face and oral cavity, parents also receive guidelines regarding the diet and care of the erupting dentition.

An adaptive visit for children is a visit which aim is to familiarize the youngest patients with the dental office and medical staff. During such a visit, parents are informed in detail about the rules of proper oral hygiene and, if necessary, about the need to change the eating habits of their children.

It is recommended that the visit should take place when a child is about one year old. Adaptive visit should be a form of entertainment, without any treatments, so that the child will associate the dental office with fun and enjoyable time.


Periods of eruption of teeth:


milk teeth

permanent teeth

Central incisors

6-8 months of age

7-8 years of age

Lateral incisors

8-12 months of age

7-8 years of age


16-20 months of age

9-11 years of age

First premolars


10-12 years of age

Second premolars


11-12 years of age

First molars

12-16 months of age

6-7 years of age

Second molars

20-30 months of age

11-13 years of age

Third molars


17-22 years of age