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An X-ray examination is a non-invasive imaging technique that provides a great deal of useful information which would otherwise be unavailable. It provides the accurate image , giving the precise view to the extensiveness of the carious process, root channels and periapical changes.

A pantomograph is a screening method that helps to assess the condition of teeth, jaw bones, sinuses and the temporo-mandibular joint. This technique is useful in the diagnosis of periodontitis, chronic inflammations and cancers. It is performed in order to evaluate the general condition of the dentition and to visualize the lesions in the jaw and mandible. The OPG picture enables planning a comprehensive treatment.

Cephalometry is an imaging method assessing the facial part of the skull, visualising both the bone structures and skin of the patient. Cephalometric images make it possible to provide an in-depth diagnosis of orthodontic defects and precisely plan the subsequent orthodontic treatment.

Computed Tomography enables to see the tissue examination in 3D. It is necessary for implantologists (it allows to plan the procedure and measure the amount of bone necessary to insert implants) or endodontists (it helps in searching for root cracks, in assessing whether there are additional root canals, it also shows broken tools in the canals).