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Endodontics (root canal treatment) deals with the treatment of teeth with irreversible inflammation of the tooth nerve. Root canal treatment is the removal from the root canal of the rest of the nerve along with the bacteria living there, and the precise obturation of the root canal system. In most cases, the root canal treatment begins and ends during the same visit. Occasionally, when the tooth is difficult to treat, the root canal treatment may take 2 or more visits and the use of a microscope.

The indications for microscopic endodontics treatment may include unusual anatomy of the tooth, narrow or overgrown canals or curved roots. Using a microscope increases the chances of proper treatment in all complicated cases, so that the tooth can serve its function for a long time.

Endodontics is one of the most dynamically developing fields of dentistry, no longer reminiscent of treatment from years ago. Radiological diagnostics and planning of treatment is very important. Once the treatment was performed without X-rays, which resulted in many consequences such as perforations, failure to find the canals in the tooth, not filling to the end of the canal, where the tooth had to be finally removed. In the Adent clinic we perform modern endodontics using magnifiers and a Zeiss OPMI Pico microscope, we develop (extend) the channels by using the VDW GOLD RECIPROC endomotor, which increases surgical control and treatment success. After the canals are prepared and rinsed properly, we fill the canals with the method of warm gutta-percha. The whole procedure is often performed in cofferdam, i.e. rubber which limits the saliva access so that the treatment area is sterile.

The success of endodontic treatment is also determined by the proper restoration of the tooth after root canal treatment. According to the PTE (Polish Society of Endodontists) guidelines, each endodontically treated tooth should be reconstructed prosthetically, with the use of outlays, endocrowns or crowns to reduce the possibility of fracture of this tooth after treatment.