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ICON is an innovative method of treatment which allows to remove white spots from the surface of a tooth (hypomination), fluorosis and prevent initial caries. And all this without drilling and pain.

The ICON set is a liquid that due to its unique refractive properties effectively removes white spots. Additionally, by penetrating into the microporosity of demineralised enamel, it closes them and creates an isolated barrier resistant to acids and bacteria. Thanks to this, it stops the development of initial caries and removes white stains on tooth enamel.

The treatment is very simple, completely painless and takes about 30 minutes.

The most frequently asked questions:

  • Is ICON treatment painful? ­- treatment is non-invasive, so that the patient does not feel any pain, the surface of the tooth is polished only at the beginning and end of the treatment with special rubbers, the structure of the tooth is not affected in any way by the drill.

  • Is it possible to remove all the discolorations with the ICON method?- most discolorations are removed completely. If we are dealing with large deep discolorations, the procedure of surface digestion is repeated 2-3 times, even if it does not remove the discoloration in its entirety, it will certainly significantly reduce its visibility.

  • Does the removal of discoloration damage the enamel?- ICON formula penetrates into micropores and irregularities of enamel and increases its tightness and thus increases its resistance to caries. Thanks to this feature, the formula is also used to treat initial carious lesions without the use of drills.